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We’re California’s #1 advisor for sourcing high-quality cannabis clones, teens and seeds, and we’re more than happy that you’ve taken interest in our collective services!

California’s cannabis industry has only continued to boom in recent years since the state’s recreational legalization, and with this new recreational cannabis status it’s safe to say that countless California residents are now interested in becoming a part of this ever-developing industry. We provide our consulting services for clients all throughout California, so no matter where in the states you live, we’ll be able to guide you towards a successful grow operation and cannabis business initiative.

The Green Source Genetics team is comprised of cannabis industry experts that have been working throughout the industry for over 30 years. Our specialists have years of experience working in some of the very best cannabis farms in California, and throughout these years our team has come to understand what exactly makes pure cannabis genetics. This of course entails tried and true experimentation and years of trial and error, but today we can proudly say that we’ve perfected cannabis genetics and that we’re ready to share our expertise with you!

Throughout our website you’ll find an ample amount of valuable information about how we’re a unique group of cannabis genetics specialists that can support both personal medical needs and commercial cannabis development campaigns. We are more than confident that we provide the best combination of both quality and affordability for our cannabis clones, teens and seeds. You can reach out to us online or call us at (619) 963-2222 to get in touch with our cannabis experts and learn more about how we can support you and your dreams for a successful, high-quality grow operation! 

Start your order today with 3 simple steps!

Green Source Genetics is fully committed to making cannabis clone, teen and seed ordering as simplified as it has ever been in California’s history. What’s great about the conveniences associated with our ordering software is that everything can now be done online, and the results are undoubtedly world-class!

Our team of customer representatives will guide you through each of these simple steps to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. So as you fill out certain information, we’ll be able to text/call you if anything comes up or if you have any specific questions that you’d like answered.

But you should know that we’ve done everything that we can to provide the easiest, most simplified way of browsing and ordering cannabis clones, teens and seeds.

Below are the three steps to fulfill your next order with us.

All of us at Green Source Genetics are extremely proud of the strain menu that we’ve been able to develop, and we can now say that we provide some of the very best plants and seeds throughout the entire state of California. So if you’re looking for clones, teens or seeds, then you’ve certainly come to the right place online!

The very best way to make your online cannabis plant ordering process as efficient as possible is to simply take the time that you need to thoroughly browse through our menu and decide which strains that you’d like to cultivate. We’re more than confident that we have the strains that will work best for you and your needs, including cannabis found within the following categories:

Indica Cannabis Plants: Indica cannabis plants are known for providing more of a body high to patients and recreational users, and this is why it’s widely recommended as a pain medication. Our indica options can help you treat all sorts of body conditions, and this is partly due to the high CBD content found within these strains. So if you’re looking for serenity and relaxation, then you should highly consider our indica clones, teens and seeds.

Sativa Cannabis Plants: Sativa cannabis plants are very different as compared to indica plants, and this is because these strains will provide you with more of an energetic, uplifting feeling. Most cannabis specialists and enthusiasts will recommend sativa cannabis for day medication, and this is because it will give you that "pep in your step" kind of like a cup of coffee. Sativa plants are high in THC content, and these strains can also do wonders for all sorts of cerebral ailments. So if you think you’re more into a strain that will keep you going throughout your daily routine and energize you for your outdoor activities, then our sativa options are for you.

Hybrid Cannabis Plants: These days you could almost consider every cannabis strain a hybrid of at lest a couple different unique cannabis species, but the technical terminology for hybrid cannabis is a blend between indica and sativa strains. What’s great about hybrid strains is that they truly provide the best of both worlds between indica and sativa, so you can get that relaxing vibe from indica while at the same time remain energized through the sativa properties. At Green Source Genetics, we take hybrid cannabis cultivation very seriously, so you can be rest assured that you’re obtaining authentic hybrid cannabis plants through some of the best cannabis genetics in all of California!

• CBD Cannabis Plants: CBD cannabis plants are very unique, and we typically recommend these clones, teens and seeds to advanced growers. What’s absolutely wonderful about cannabis plants that are high in CBD content is that they’re very powerful in terms of alleviating all sorts of bodily pains that many medical cannabis patients experience. We’ve all seen the explosion of CBD topical products all throughout California in recent years, and the Green Source Genetics team is here to help you cultivate your very own source of endless CBD through our high-quality plants. 

Reach out to the Green Source Genetics team via online chat, text or voice call.

This second step is particularly important if this is the first time you’ve visited our website or ordering from us, because we’ll have to abide by all state regulations and ensure that the ordering process goes as smoothly as possible on your behalf.

This verification process is typically pretty straightforward, because we’ll simply need to ensure that you have a valid ID, and that you’re over the age of 21. These are some of the prerequisites that you’ll need to fulfill in order to be legally allowed to purchase cannabis plants online.

So what you’ll end up doing is fill out our contact form, and then within minutes you’ll hear from one of our sales representatives. You can also text or call us directly at (619) 963-2222 to speak directly with our team and have any of your questions/concerns answered.

And what’s great about working with us is that the vast majority of our orders can be placed and filled all in the same day!

If you’re prepared to order your cannabis plants today, then we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you and your needs and get your plants to you as soon as possible. We arrange for pickup of clones, teens and seeds multiple times per week and guarantee they are female, pest free, healthy and well rooted.

Our team will help answer any of your questions/concerns and fill you in on all of the more intricate details about these processes. We’ll also ask you which shipping method that you would prefer, and then we’ll work diligently to ensure that you obtain your order in a timely fashion! 

What sets Green Source Genetics apart from the rest of the Cannabis Consulting Industry?

Countless clients and cannabis enthusiasts will come to the Green Source Genetics website to find the very best clones, teens and seeds in California for their own personal cultivation needs. We’ve helped countless medical cannabis patients develop a grow operation that puts them and their medical necessities first, and in the process our clients save thousands upon thousands of dollars with every successful yield they produce from our products.

But the truth is that Green Source Genetics surely isn’t the only cannabis clone, teen and seed producer in the state of California; which from a consumer’s perspective can make it kind of difficult to understand what exactly makes us unique from the rest of the crowd.

What we can tell you beyond any reasonable doubt is that we take our line of work very seriously and conduct ourselves with the utmost sense of professionalism. We make sure to qualify each vendor through a rigorous qualification system in order for them to work with us, so you can be rest assured that we’re only working with people who share our same values and highly value the end products that we ultimately provide.

But there’s also so much more that helps set us apart from the rest of our industry competitors!

Below are just some of the many benefits of being our client.
Unparalleled Customer Service

One of the biggest factors that makes Green Source Genetics much more superior and easier to work with as compared to other cannabis nurseries throughout California is our commitment to providing the very best customer service in the industry.

It’s true that you can likely find cannabis clones, teen plants and seeds for sale online through other enterprises, but there’s no doubt about it that you won’t obtain the same quality of care towards your product and how you’re treated as a customer.

Cultivation Advice

One of the many things that makes Green Source Genetics different is that we will always show a lot of compassion towards new growers who may not be too experienced in the intricacies of growing cannabis. A lot of our customers are first-time cannabis growers that are just now taking their grow operation seriously, and we understand how a lot of beginners have trouble avoiding all sorts of issues simply because they aren’t horticulture specialists like us.

A common mistake that a lot of beginners make is focusing on growing efforts while neglecting plant nutrition, but no matter how experienced you are you can always reach out to our team and obtain expert advice on how to properly take care of your clones, teens and seeds.

Membership Rewards

Another great benefit of working with us is that we’ll offer you a whole array of free gifts for supporting our business, and we’ll do this in a few ways.

Returning patients will receive FREE samples in many scenarios, and we’ll also help you know which organic nutrients that you should be utilizing to increase your yield and harvest potency.

All of us at Green Source Genetics are very proud of our reputation as an excellent customer service provider for all of our services, and building relationships with our clients is something that we truly value a lot through our many membership advantages! 

We Utilize 100% Organic Nutrients

Green Source Genetics is always continuing our education and researching further how we can refine the nutrients that we utilize for our products. This is because we understand how plant nutrients play such a vital role in preserving the quality of our cannabis genetics.

You can always be fully rest assured that we’re solely using the very best organic nutrients that set our products apart and provide unbelievable results in stronger plants that are more resistant to all sorts of environmental stresses. 


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Reach out to the Green Source Genetics Team to learn more about how we can support your cannabis goals!

Green Source Genetics has supported countless medical cannabis patients when it comes to developing a grow operation that they can be proud of, and it truly is our passion to support you as you aim towards your cannabis cultivation goals.

So reach out to us online or call us directly at (619) 963-2222 and let us know how we can support you through our inventory of high-quality cannabis clones, teens and seeds!

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