Green Source Genetics specializes in cultivating top-quality Cannabis
Clones, Teens and Seeds for Growers in California.

Green Source Genetics is proud to be California’s #1 advisor when it comes to sourcing high-quality cannabis clones, teens and seeds, and we are very excited to continue to provide our consulting services all throughout California.

The cannabis industry is an ever-changing landscape that can undoubtedly be very difficult to get your foot in the door, but our team is here to support you with getting on the right track from the very beginning of your growing initiatives.

Although you’re going to need so much more than great products, we know that you’ll be very excited by our emerging genetic lines and potent cannabis strains. It truly is our passion to support cannabis patients and entrepreneurs of all types through our products/services, and we understand how being a grower in California can feel like being a small fish in a massive ocean. 

Our medical-grade cannabis clones are always guaranteed to be female, healthy, pest free, and well rooted. Our clones, teens and seeds are also arranged for pick up multiple times each week, and they’re ready to be shipped to your door.

We understand how user demand for high-quality cannabis clones is only continuing to grow throughout the entirety of California, and that’s why we’ll help you no matter where in the state you’re located. Growing cannabis in the beautiful California climate is so much more than a hobby or pastime, and we can’t wait to answer your questions and be your go-to source for your grow operation’s needs.

What sets Green Source Genetics apart from the rest of the Cannabis Consulting Industry?

There certainly is a lot that sets Green Source Genetics apart from the rest of the medical cannabis industry, but it all starts with our team. Our specialists have been in the cannabis industry in California for over 30 years, which has given us plenty of time to perfect the art of developing the very best cannabis clones, teens and seeds. Our cannabis products are simply unique when you compare them to other similar entities throughout California, but providing great products via our extensive experience really is only just the beginning.

Our clones tend to be much larger and healthier than most other clones that you’ll find throughout the industry, and this is partly because of our strong commitment to organic nutrients and root health. Starting out with a larger clone or teen will end up putting you and your cannabis grow initiatives in a much more secure place for success. The initial grow stages of your clones are absolutely critical, and our plants will be ready to efficiently conduct the photosynthesis process and receive the energy they need to thrive from the moment they arrive at your door.

Another differentiating factor that sets Green Source Genetics apart from the rest of the cannabis industry is our unparalleled commitment to the very best customer service. We’re always going to do so much more than simply provide you with high-quality cannabis products, because we’ll be prepared to guide you through each step of the process towards a successful grow operation. Our consulting services will always go a long way towards ensuring your success as a patient growing their own medicine, or an entrepreneur trying to break into one of California’s most promising industries. 

Reach out to Green Source Genetics to learn more about our Clones, Teens and Seeds for Sale in California!

Green Source Genetics is excited to serve the entirety of California with our many different high-quality cannabis products and consulting services, and we know that you’ll be on the right track toward a successful harvest with our expert support.

Learn more about how our clones, teens and seeds for sale can support your grow initiatives in California! To get in touch with our cannabis specialists, contact us online or call us directly at (619) 963-2222.


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